More tea…? 

Another tea fuelled brain storming session has proved productive. I’ll be buying shares in Yorkshire Tea next week I reckon; the amount that’s being drunk to get the neurons firing is growing by the day. Today’s list of things to do included the formation of the 1000 word essay plan for my dissertation that’s due in next week. I’m comfortable with my working title/question, especially after running it past my tutor yesterday. I know my reason for wanting to answer the question I’m proposing, so that’s one less thing to think about, now I need to define the areas I need to study in order to reach a conclusion. Through the tealeaf haze, some sense was made… 

  • Entry into the field of stage management within the festival industry needs to be investigated. Discussions with SMs and their route into the industry and required skills. This also needs to include the transference of skills from theatre based courses, which also needs to be defined. Possible inclusion of comparison of company structure-theatre versus festival. Define roles.
  • How much effect does lack of festival specific courses for stage management have on progression into festivals?  Are qualifications of lesser importance for progression into industry than word of mouth?
  • Festivals are a growth industry, reports available for validation via quantitative research. Lack of industry specific courses must have an effect on the staffing abilities. Would production managers prefer graduates or are they managing just fine by word of mouth?
  • Is the lack of training perpetuating the who you know, not what you know method of professional progression?

And there you have it, the progress made over a few cups of tea. I foresee a busy spider diagram being created shortly, with the first of a thousand words being typed soon afterwards. It’s far from complete I know, but I’m feeling confident I have a good basis of areas and research methods available to form a good argument. I’m still very much in the same area as my original idea, I’m just refining it a little further. Professional progression from a theatre based graduate course into the festival industry was always going to figure in my dissertation, now it’s got a bit more meat to it and plenty for me to work with, I’m quite excited. I’m still bricking it, but I’m looking forward to answering the question and using the answers to progress into the festival industry after graduation. Yep, definitely no uncertainty over the rationale.


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