Soooo close…


So, we’re back up to speed with my personal life messing with my uni life, but I’m still here, battling away, trying to thump out a dissertation to be proud of.

In my defence, the numerous months of physical inactivity weren’t entirely wasted. I took any opportunity to talk to people about my chosen subject and waffled endlessly to my other half. My head was forever trying to finalise the question so that I could start writing; the free rein to write about anything has never been something I enjoy. I’d rather have a solid question or point and then hurl myself at it.

That’s not how dissertations work though, is it?

After getting my work placement done and dusted, I was slowly ticking off the work still to be completed. Another glorious weight off my shoulders when I handed in the reflective journal for my work placement, I was moving ever closer to having nowhere else to hide, I was going to have to start dissertating, and seriously.

And I did.


Essential nutrients for successful dissertating.

It’s Easter Monday today and I’ve had no sleep, due to my back having twanged yesterday, leaving me unable to get comfy all night. This is going to be a fun day…

I’m having a break today from dissertating as I feel I need feedback for what I’ve written so far.  I’ve spent the previous week absolutely hammering it, and I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ve done ok so far.

I’ve just short of 900 words left to write, but I’m ready, I think, to start concluding. Tomorrow will be the first opportunity I’ve had to gain any sort of tutor feedback for what I’ve got, but I still have the rest of the week to conclude and tweak as necessary.

I’m actually not scared of my diss anymore, and it’s a glorious feeling.

Not as good as it’s going to feel handing the damn thing in mind!

So, there you have it, I’ve spent endless days and nights at my desk, clacking away and referencing like a demon. I’ve produced an incredibly dry, academic piece of writing, discussing the predisposition of some to having a higher level of emotional intelligence than others, making them better placed to progress as a stage manager. I’ve cited all sorts of sources and spent yesterday discussing my primary research; responses from festival directors and production managers about their experiences.

I’m quietly really quite proud of what I’ve written so far, but I might feel differently after a tutor or 2 has read through it.

I’ll keep you posted. Hand in is next week, and I can’t chuffing wait!




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