Soooo slow…


It’s been a bit of a while, I know, since I was last here, regaling you all in delightful stories and anecdotes about my dissertation, but here I am, by eck.

To catch y’all up to speed, everything kinda fell apart for me last year, a mere few weeks into the first semester of my final year, and it’s been a long haul to get to this point, but I managed it. Well, I am a stage manager…

Mid October, my oldest daughter’s birthday to be exact, my mother lands me with the devastating news that she has cancer. I lost all focus and direction for months and my dissertation suffered as much as my other modules. Thankfully radical surgery removed all the nasty bits and, fingers crossed, me ma is ok for a bit longer yet. I didn’t realise just how much it was affecting me until one night talking with my other half; I cried like a baby for so many reasons, but let’s not turn this post into a therapy session, I need to keep cracking on.

I missed my New Year draft hand in due to throwing all of my attentions at my creative project. I was still a bit fuzzy over the exact direction of my diss at the time and that was slowing me down from making progress. Also, it’s academia at its worst, and not my greatest ally. I’ve always felt confident of being able to manage the 7000 words required from my diss, I just couldn’t quite get started. Trying to find enough quiet time to turn my busy head into an oasis of academia and focus is nigh on impossible in my house.

After completing my project and spending the proceeding fortnight hammering the portfolio, I handed in everything for my creative project and told myself I could now try and get started with my diss.

Ever the optimist me…

I had one successful session in the library, but that was all. Work commitments, training days and my work placement all interrupted my dissertation progress, and my diss tutor was increasingly unimpressed. I really wasn’t trying to avoid her every week, I simply had several other commitments that were falling on Mondays, when I should have been chatting academia with her.

Progress was slow.

Did I say slow? I meant not there.

I knew I had to lock myself away somewhere for a week or so to allow my brain the necessary focus to dissertate, but…





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