I’ve made some very promising progress in the last 2 days in the area of my industry portfolio that will also assist me massively in my dissertation. Whilst researching other sources for inclusion in my dissertation essay plan, I found the website for the British Arts Festival Association. The homepage describes them as ‘The National Membership body for Arts Festivals in the UK: Celebrating, Developing and Strengthening the work of its members’ and I suspect I’ll be featuring them heavily in all areas of my final year studies. The practitioner lead organisation provides a centre for those involved or interested in festivals to support and encourage growth within the industry. BAFA also organise regular events for industry practitioners along with maintaining a contact data base for employment progression opportunities. The student membership includes access to a data base of current students as well as recent graduates and a Facebook group which heavily features job opportunities. Suffice to say, I’ve signed up already. I’ve also bought a ticket to the student conference ‘A Festival Career’ in Manchester in November. This event will give me direct access to many people currently working on festivals in the UK, with open table discussions and speakers from recognised festival practitioners. It’s more than worth a day out in Manchester I reckon.