Chooon . . . 

After a somewhat unpleasant slump in motivation and progress in all areas, I’m slowly getting back to my normal operating parameters and am busy rekindling my passion. My creative project was always going to be a music based creation.  As a cheesy singer once proclaimed,  ‘music was my first love, and it will be my last’, and this week I’ve turned to the therapeutic power of music with the inevitable positive outcome. Thank the Lord, I can feel myself regaining the necessary enthusiasm and drive that I need to produce an impressive project. 

My recent student discounted subscription to Spotify (other music sites are available) has provided me with access to a mind boggling amount and array of music, and I’m loving it. I’ve created a playlist for Project Hat and whenever I shuffle across a track which would be suitable for playing in my hat, I add it to the list and it’s there for later. I know it’s mainstream technology these days, but I’ve got to say, it really is quite wonderful; I’ve found all sorts of tunes that will sound perfect when I’ve mixed and balanced them into my hat’s system of tubes and other tactile sound elements. I’m lucky to have a budding sound engineer with music production knowledge under his belt who is more than happy to spend an afternoon in the studio with me, putting together a mix that I can use when I exhibit my project for assessment purposes. I’m perfectly aware of the mechanics and theory behind creating a dj mix from several different tracks but am a little slow when it comes to applying the knowledge on a practical level. As my tutor points out, I’ve no problem with the theory of sound engineering, but my practical application of it is pants. Sadly, this is true. I know it’s a weakness, mostly borne out of fear of failure, but I also know that I can create an effective sound from a simple set up. I’ll have help along the way too, of course , and for the bulk of the project, I’m not concerned about the technical side of things. There’ll be a bit of tech stuff, to keep the examiners happy, and the rest will demonstrate my production skills, in particular those relating to set design and construction,  and stage management and the sourcing or creation of props and dressing items.  

I’m listening to endless electro swing music at the moment, and feeling rather chirpy whilst doing so. I happened upon a track called “Wet Welly”  today and knew straight away it would be oer felt for my hat, and so the music style was largely determined. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is research and development in action.