Fish ‘n’ Leather

I’ve got a job! Well, a work placement to be exact, but it’s a necessary requirement of the industry development module and a positive experience for me I reckon.

Long story shorter: a recently escaped employee of college has landed a role in a short piece written by the writer/director Gill Adams. The boss man at tutorville assures me she’s a well known and respected writer, with TV credits under her belt, along with a ‘character’ that I should get along with. Hmmm, back handed compliment much…? Anyway, I digress…in short, some stage side help was required and with the college connection strong, my name was thrown into the mix. A series of emails and a Facebook friends request later and I’m now the stage manager for the upcoming production of Fish ‘n’ Leather, a gritty northern tale of fish wives and sex. That’s the very concise version of the story, but I read the script that was sent to me last night and I reckon I can manage that. It’s only a small, 3 woman piece, so props aren’t going to run into silly numbers of things, and it’s not period specific either, which is always good. No doubt there’s no budget, but that just makes things more interesting, when you have to think around the corners and well outside the box to source something. I’m off to my first rehearsal in the morning so I’ll find out what sort of things I’ll be looking for in the next few days there.

I’ve not worked as a stage manager for professionals before, it’s all a bit daunting really. I’m not especially nervous; it’s not the West End after all, and I’ve just discovered a fellow 3rd year will be joining me to work the show. Brilliant news as far as I’m concerned because it gets me out of opping sound; the original tech support has pulled out and I was asked if I’d be able to manage the sound and lights. Urgh, tech-my nemesis. Then I found out that Jonno will be joining me and I only have to worry about lights, but I did warn the performer I’ve been speaking to that tech isn’t my strong point. I’ll see what it’s all about tomorrow at the rehearsal and take it from there. I have confidence in being able to stage manage the show, but being in charge of anything technical, frankly terrifies me.

So, there we go, my first job as a stage manager, on a real show, with real professional people involved on the performance side.


As part of my assessment during my placement, I’m to keep a daily log, detailing goals and targets and that sort of shizz, which I’ll be doing on here. It’s an already established medium for my inane, late night ramblings and I can always edit posts later for assessment purposes, so I’ll be good and keep blogging and all being well, I’ll have a detailed, if rambling, account of my week spent as a stage manager on a professional production.

Wish me luck, I might need it…