Personal development plan

I’ve made a start on my industry development plan, at last, although I’m still a little unsure of the exact layout and contents required. I know where I’d like to be, but trying to map out my entire future, factoring in my SWOT elements…well, one of my weaknesses is definitely a dislike of trying to explain every possible thought, idea or plan for the next 10 years. Nonetheless, I’ve got a healthy start which I can add to later and complete, hopefully, in Monday’s session at uni.

I really don’t like feeling nervous that everything I do is wrong or not good enough, but I’ve made a start; it’s either good enough to continue to completion, or it’s way off and I’ll be guided to the correct and efficient way. I’ve made a point of facing certain personal fears, as well as a few professional ones, in recent years and this is clearly no different. I’m terminally afraid of messing up and being seen as inadequate but it’s time to get over that particular paranoia and crack on with planning my future. I didn’t really feel I had to plan my life before I started the course as I was just cruising through life as a mum, wishing things would improve, almost by a miracle. I’m spiritual but realistic; I need to stop fretting and start doing. I know I can do what’s being demanded of me, I just need to plan more, and better, and not give up on that end goal-a life to be proud of.